Puzzle (detail) * 2005 – 2006 * 127 x 97 cm * Paper, Ink

    A series of 5 of these, the ‘grids’ drawn by hand, was shown as part of my MFA thesis exhibition, and at the Art Gallery of Calgary as part of  ‘Pink’.

    This is the genesis. The beginnings of 15 years of work… I have such a soft spot for this drawing. I’d been doodling puzzle pieces since I can remember. Then, one hot summer day, on the fourth of July, at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, in Maine… The students had an amazing day outside in the sun (at an anarchists parade in the woods), and then a beautiful dinner by the lake. After this beautiful day, I went to my studio and drew a version of this drawing, and didn’t look back. Instantly, I can return to that moment, of drawing quietly late into that summers night.

    That feeling is everything.