The Mace of the Republic

    This was an interesting project that came my way, early in the Fall. A Military Man wanted 4 pieces, one (darker) for himself, and three for his family members.

    The Mace is an important symbol for his family.

    The Mace of the Republic, is a ceremonial mace and one of the oldest symbols of the United States government. It symbolizes the governmental authority of the United States, and more specifically, the legislative authority of the House of Representatives.

    The symbol of the mace has been noted as one of the U.S. government’s most important historical symbols: an eagle with its wings spread wide seated on top of a globe that bestrides a bundle of 13 rods, representative of the original 13 states.

    A gold version is notably worn by Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

    He wanted them in time, to be worn,  for the US Presidential election.

    2020 has been quite a year!

    They represent 21hr.

    of carving time.

    And are 3.5″ long,

    made of sterling silver.

    Mace of the Republic Pins - ready to go!

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