Gold & Silver Annual Birthday Charm

    I have been graciously invited to embark on an Annual Charm making journey with a wonderful family, for their new Little Girl!

    This series will be grow by one charm each year…

    Fourth Birthday Charm:

    Makeup was a big discovery this year. And Frozen is her favourite movie.

    So I created a teeny-tiny lipstick case with snowflakes on it!

    Silver, 2cm long.

    Third Birthday Charm:

    This hair bow represents this little girls’ ‘signature look’…

    14K yellow gold (1.7cm in length)

    Second Birthday Charm:

    This year commemorates the family’s move to Nashville Tennessee.

    Silver (height 1.9cm)

    First Birthday charm:

    For a “rainbow baby”

    14K yellow gold rainbow (height 1.5cm)

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