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Arts for Social & Environmental Justice Symposium Visual Arts Presenter, Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto, ON. It was pretty neat to have my pieces melting throughout the Symposium! I placed them around the spaces where the symposium was held, and allowed them to melt, as they do naturally. With this work, I always respond to [...]
I am very thankful to have received a Mid-Career Project Grant, from the Ontario Arts Council. Early in 2020, I started working with Queenie, a ceramic artist at clayArt Studios, to learn and create very thin 'card-like' porcelain pieces. I will produce many of these individual pieces, which will then become the 'building blocks' for [...]
Through the month of November, there will be a series of performances of “Found Objects” by the composer James M. David (based in Fort Collins, CO). I was honoured to be asked to animate the four short pieces that make up this composition using my own work. I took this opportunity to create new work, [...]
Several years ago I played with this concept of oil paint becoming sculpture, and having some fun with it’s beautiful frosting-like consistency. I’m currently revisiting these, considering them in a more formal, sculptural context.
    I am very thankful to have had this beautiful space, in Toronto's little Portugal, to spend my time in. Working, and playing, and picking grapes for 8 years!     It’s been a productive time, exploring existing ideas and discovering new ones.
I found myself cutting and horizontally layering a pile of older drawings. I’m interested in what’s happening: A large-scale (seven foot) experiment.
A little sketch from the studio, and wonderful synchronicity!
Happy to have been a part of The Brain Project, commissioned by the Baycrest Foundation. This project raises funds and awareness for brain health and proceeds support Baycrest Health Sciences, a global leader in brain health and aging. My contribution entitled ‘Synapse’, is made by wrapping monofilament around nails placed in the creases of this oversized brain. [...]