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Carving Kali It's always a fun and interesting challenge to carve animals. I'm particularly happy with the way that this Belgian Malinois, is taking shape. The breed is like a German Shepard, but much finer. I wanted to design this, so that all of the attention is on her.  This is a memorial piece. It [...]
Working on a pretty intense carving. Considering the time, and all that is going on in the world. I feel the weight of this one. Can't wait to share the finished pieces with the client, and his family. The roughed-in Eagle     This carving will take about 18hr. in total.
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This Giant wax heart was a commission, that I just couldn't make, in the end. This piece is made by layering layer upon layer of melted wax on top of itself, it is a rather labour-intensive process. I love the organic texture of the layers, as they they on top of each other. This piece [...]
On June 14 2014, we installed this diptych in the space of my friend and jeweller: Zsolt Szekely. It’s looking good, and I couldn’t be happier that this work is a part of his personal and creative space! In exchange, he made me this beautiful spinning ring. Rose, white and yellow gold with orange sapphires.
Following are some examples of carvings that I have done for other businesses, always interesting to work in collaboration with other artisans.