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I am very thankful to have received a Mid-Career Project Grant, from the Ontario Arts Council. Early in 2020, I started working with Queenie, a ceramic artist at clayArt Studios, to learn and create very thin 'card-like' porcelain pieces. I will produce many of these individual pieces, which will then become the 'building blocks' for [...]
Carving Kali It's always a fun and interesting challenge to carve animals. I'm particularly happy with the way that this Belgian Malinois, is taking shape. The breed is like a German Shepard, but much finer. I wanted to design this, so that all of the attention is on her.  This is a memorial piece. It [...]
Working on a pretty intense carving. Considering the time, and all that is going on in the world. I feel the weight of this one. Can't wait to share the finished pieces with the client, and his family. The roughed-in Eagle     This carving will take about 18hr. in total.
Here, I’m working out some ideas for a large-scale commission.   White, Gold, Silver, and Blue ink on paper.
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Maps from Memory   This is one of my favourites, I just had to share it. At Grad School, late at night in the studio... My fellow grad student, friend (and brilliant artist) Steve Lambert called over the wall to me: "Are you busy?" He had to do a drawing for an upcoming charity auction, [...]
Arts for Social & Environmental Justice Symposium Visual Arts Presenter, Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto, ON. It was pretty neat to have my pieces melting throughout the Symposium! I placed them around the spaces where the symposium was held, and allowed them to melt, as they do naturally. With this work, I always respond to [...]
This Giant wax heart was a commission, that I just couldn't make, in the end. This piece is made by layering layer upon layer of melted wax on top of itself, it is a rather labour-intensive process. I love the organic texture of the layers, as they they on top of each other. This piece [...]
I learned how to screen print. To make adult colouring pages, and greeting cards. My intricate drawings seemed to be very well suited to the adult colouring craze. This was a fun project, and it was great to learn screen printing. ... I have to say that my favourite part was the screens themselves.